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How to Convince More Shoppers to Buy from Your Site

Your business’s website has the potential to be an invaluable tool for your business. It plays an essential role in building a strong online presence, which is more of a necessity than a luxury in today’s business world. It can also be a key platform that you can use to boost your sales and move your business into the world of ecommerce. Of course, that requires you to convince shoppers to buy from your site. So how do you do this? 

Make it Easy

Customers love convenience, and don’t have much patience when it comes to site difficulties. The internet ushered in the age of instant gratification in terms of shopping. If it isn’t easy to find products and information, or if the checkout process isn’t streamlined, customers are likely to leave your site and start all over again on someone else’s page. Make your site easy to navigate and consider including features such as search bars and filters to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Include Reviews and Testimonials

It’s hard to overstate the importance of having good reviews and testimonials for your business. Over 90% of consumers read reviews as they shop for online retail products. Consumers tend to give as much weight to online reviews as they do personal recommendations. It’s important for you to have a good number of reviews and for them to be recent. Customers will trust ratings more that way. You can generate more reviews for your products by sending follow-up emails and messages after customers purchase and receive products that invite them to leave a review.

Offer Special Online Pricing

Everyone loves a bargain. If you want to direct more traffic to your website, offer special online pricing and deals that customers can take advantage of when making online purchases. Make sure you market such promotions so your customers will see them and take advantage of them. You may find email marketing strategies especially useful in this case. Include the details of the promotion with links to your site. This will make it convenient for your customers to visit your site and take advantage of that special pricing.

Convincing shoppers to buy from your website, as opposed to from your competitors or even from a physical store, is a key skill you need to master. It’s especially relevant considering the pandemic conditions we’ve experienced this year. You can help convince shoppers to make purchases from your site by making it easy for them, including reviews and testimonials, and offering special online pricing. This will help encourage people to use your website to make their purchases.

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