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How to Make an Effective Commercial

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If you are a business owner, then you may be wondering if commercial advertising is worth including in your budget. You can expect to pay a minimum of $5 per 1,000 viewers with a local ad and up to $5.25 million for a 30-second Super Bowl ad. When you are spending that type of money, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Here are a few tips of things you should make sure to do in order to make your commercial ad the most effective for your company’s advertising strategy. 

Get Their Attention

The first thing that you must do is make sure that you grab the viewer’s attention. A commercial ad isn’t going to be effective if nobody is watching it or paying attention to what’s on the screen. There are several techniques that you may want to consider using regularly. You may want to surprise viewers without shocking them. Avoid overly branding your commercials as it is a turn-off to viewers. You need to make an emotional connection with viewers while letting them know that you have the right solution to an issue that they face in under a minute.

Watch Your Words

As if trying to connect with viewers in under a minute was not tricky enough, you also need to be very careful about the words that you use, or you can end up in costly hot water that requires a lawyer to save you. Even lawyers have occasionally found themselves in trouble. Some lawyer commercials have been criticized for potential jury tampering. The United States Federal Trade Commission and other governmental agencies around the world have very stringent rules about what can and cannot be included in a commercial. Therefore, you need to be sure to work with a professional to make sure you do not break any rules because the penalties can be $100,000 or more.

Include an Effective Call-to-Action

One other essential thing to consider when entering commercial advertising is what you want the customer to do. Some businesses want the viewer to go to a website to get more information. If this is you, then make sure that you use a website that is easy for the viewer to spell and remember. You will probably want to create a unique landing page so that you can track the effectiveness of your ad. Other businesses want the customer to come to their physical location. Others want the viewer to buy a product off a website. There are many different choices, but you need to set a trackable goal, so you know when your ad is effective.

Commercial advertising is an effective tool for many businesses. For the best results for your business, make sure that you work with a professional to create your ad. Doing that combined with the things mentioned above will help you to make sure that you create the best ad that you can for your business.

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