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Simple Ways to Use LinkedIn That Get People Interested in Your Business

LinkedIn is the current number one hub for business owners. Basically, if you want to find all the right professional connections and expand your influence, LinkedIn is the social platform you want. Here are several ways you can use LinkedIn to build your business.

Leverage Your Personal Profile

Trying to gauge the quality of a business on LinkedIn who is without a completed personal profile is like trying to learn about someone who only speaks in three-word sentences—it’s pretty much impossible. If you want to expand your breadth of influence and build more business connections on LinkedIn, you need to leverage your personal profile.

One great way to do this is achieve LinkedIn All-Star status so that your profile can become an ambassador for your business. This occurs when you make 50 connections and complete your profile. That way, you are way more likely to find business opportunities through LinkedIn. However, you can’t just throw down words on your profile hoping that it will make a difference just because it is complete. You will need quality information as well. For example, a good LinkedIn headline can make all the difference in whether or not you pique someone’s interest in you and your business.

Engage in Groups

Engaging in LinkedIn groups is a wonderful method to build connections, gain trust, and cultivate people’s interest in your business. Don’t just connect with any random LinkedIn group. Rather, take the time to search groups that are relevant to your business interests.

Once you join LinkedIn, make sure that you participate regularly. You can do this by posting relevant content, commenting on others’ content, and reaching out to group members through individualized, personalized connections. Whenever you post material, make sure you take the time to create content that would be of interest to the members of your LinkedIn group. It may take some research ahead of time.

Write a Great Personal Summary

While this article has already discussed the importance of leveraging your personal profile, one of the more important aspects of the personal profile is the personal summary. This basically tells other LinkedIn users who you are as a company and company owner—so, it’s extremely necessary that you take enough time to write out something that is powerful, inspiring, meaningful, and representative of your company and its goals. Sounds like a tall order, right? But if you build a quality summary, you are much more likely to make a difference.

LinkedIn is a great tool. No business—no matter how big—is exempt from the need to build good, professional connections. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, or if it could use a little work, take a bit of time today to dust things off or complete a profile to help expand your business.

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