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What to Do About Negative Reviews of Your Business

Although negative reviews may hurt or make you worried sales will decline, they can be used in a positive way to improve your business. Knowing how to handle negative reviews in the right way is essential for all entrepreneurs whether you’re working alone or managing employees.

Choosing Feedback 

Some negative feedback is worth considering because it can help you perfect your business model. Customers will lend ou insight into issues you may not have realized would be a problem before. You can adjust your service or product if you find that it really is a necessary change to make. Extremely negative reviews tend not to be useful because they come from bias or a single interaction with one employee. Through practice, you’ll learn how to quickly spot the reviews that are helpful to consider and brush off those that aren’t.

Correcting Criticism  

When something false is claimed about your product, service or even yourself, it’s important to correct the criticism but in a professional manner. You don’t want to resort to name calling, aggression, or passive aggressive communication in your response. Give yourself time to cool off first before considering the best way to respond. For negative reviews that are opinion-based, it’s helpful for your business to respond to them. This lets them know they were heard. Depending on the situation, you should remedy the problem, apologize, or thank them for their feedback. Responding to negative reviews like this can sometimes turn a negative review into a positive one. It also makes your business look good to potential customers who are checking the reviews.

Customer Focused 

Taking a customer-focused approach to business rather than a sales-focused approach is great for your business. One successful business owner claims that switching from a sales focus to a customer-focused service business drove up their value and revenue. Optimize your service support to help reduce the number of negative reviews that your business receives. Service support includes problem management and change management.

Choose to Build Your Mental Toughness

 Try to reframe the way you perceive negative reviews to minimize their sting. Look at them as an opportunity to build mental toughness. Eventually, you’ll find the negative reviews don’t bother you because you have grown your mental toughness and decided to turn them into something positive. Mental toughness is an important quality for entrepreneurs. It’ll keep you going even when others tell you that you’ll fail or criticize you.

Negative reviews are inevitable. Think of your favorite brands; they also have a few negative reviews. Don’t allow negative reviews of your business to bring your morale down. Use it as an opportunity for growth and improving your business. Implement the four principles above, and you’ll effectively manage and minimize negative reviews.

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