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Why Social Media Marketing Is (Still) Relevant

Ashley R Smith - Fluent in Social Media and owner of Social JargnCan you believe there are still some people out there who think social media is “just a fad”?


In 2020, I didn’t think such a person existed. And yet, I was talking to someone last week about how she really wanted to take The Social Jargn Challenge but her boss had told her no – social media was a waste of time and the business wouldn’t see any benefit from it.

I was seriously floored.

And if you’ve been with me for a while you’re probably thinking, well – you ARE a bit bias, Ash.

And I would agree with you.

I started my marketing career in social media. I’m part of the O.G. marketers who didn’t have the luxury of cross-platform scheduling tools or in-app editing options. Heck, I was there when Vine launched! RIP…

Social media is such a HUGE part of business – sales, growth, advertising – that it still surprises me when people don’t believe in this “fad” that has been around for 16 years (longer, really but the Blue Giant – a/k/a Facebook – launched in 2004 so I’m using that as my benchmark).

Here’s the nitty gritty truth – Internet marketing isn’t new. It’s been around ever since the “archaic” days of email and woudln’t you know it… websites. You’re just using a different platform.

Social media has been an incredible tool that has created new businesses (including my own), billionaires, jobs… an entire industry! How could I not be passionate about this?!

After some reflection, I realized the biggest hurdle for some people is the return-on-investment spent on social media. Social media marketing CAN be measured by sales results, and I help businesses all the time unlock this knowledge (and we cover it in The Challenge), but it’s not an “I spent 3 hours on this today, I should have made XYZ in revenue.” It’s part of the long game – but really, the method is no different than having a dedicated sales person – with the exception that you can get that sales person in front of hundreds if not thousands of people at one time versus spending hours on the phone or spamming via email.

So here’s a quick list on why I love social media and why I think you (and your boss) should to…

1. Increased Brand Recognition.

If you aren’t staying in front of your customers or your potential customers, they forget you. Especially if they just receive an invoice every month. Social media keeps you more recognizable and familiar to your current customers as well as the potential for finding new ones! An active, well-kept social media adds clout to your business and avoids the awkward cold-call.

2. Improved Brand Loyalty.

Businesses who engage on social media enjoy higher loyalty from their customers. A study published by Convince&Convert found that 53% of Americans who follow businesses (or brands) on social media are more loyal to those brands. This means your customers aren’t going to go anywhere else – it means repeat business and referrals from that loyalty.

3. More Opportunities to Convert.

Every time you post on social media, it’s an opportunity for viewers to convert to a sale. When done correctly, businesses can build a strong following – a community – and the ease of interacting with all of them in one place! Every piece of content whether it be a blog, image, video, or meme is an opportunity for someone to engage with your business. Every engagement can lead to your website or straight into a conversation! The amount of opportunity found on social media is insane and just plain exciting.

4. Higher Conversion Rates!

Social media provides space for businesses and brands to become more humanized. Think about it, when was the last time you went to Walmart or Best Buy because you liked the business? It’s usually some other motive… low prices, a sale, and if you live in a smaller community like mine it’s the only place in town. But what makes you buy from Sarah or John instead of a big box store? Usually, you have a real connection with them. You know a bit about their backstory and if they’ve done a really great job on their social media, you see their products and services are exactly what you’re looking for. Who doesn’t want to help out a friend instead of “The Man” when you can?

5. Higher Brand Authority.

Interacting with your customers regularly is a showing of good faith for your customers. When people go to brag (or diss) your business, they turn to social media. Peer-to-peer reviews are WAAAY more trusted than advertisements. Social media provides the opportunity for you to know what people are saying about you and, when used properly, have control over the conversation. Interacting with other major influencers (another industry that has surfaced) also helps you become more authoritative and supports your credibility.

6. Increased Inbound Traffic.

Without social media, your inbound traffic is limited to people who already know you or the massive black hole that is Google. Quality content on social media means¬† more eyeballs = more conversation = more leads = more traffic. Show me a business person who doesn’t want more traffic, and I’ll show you a person who is so successful they should continue to invest in social media to keep their customers (see point #2)!

7. Decreased Marketing Costs.

Social media is SO FREAKING INEXPENSIVE it’s ridiculous! Now, you may have a boss saying how there are other costs involved… however, you cannot go to an ad agency for the same kind of momentum you can on social media. Even paid ads are super affordable! It’s why I started my business in the first place. I can get you an active, consistent social media space for less than what you’ll pay for radio, print, or television (no offense) and longevity out of your campaigns. For businesses looking for a DIY approach, I ended up launching a six-week training course so you and/or your staff can learn everything I’ve learned throughout my career.

8. Better Search Engine Ranking.

I speak with businesses and have a few clients who are super bummed that their social media isn’t performing like they want or how they think it SHOULD. But here’s a bit of info that I find so incredibly awesome… social media accounts are scanned and ranked by search engines just like regular websites. A quality social media presence tells search engines that your business is legitimate, credible, and trustworthy. Combined with kick-ass copy, your social media accounts will rank for search engine results and people will see you even if they don’t find you on social media first! Or if they do… back to point #1.

9. Improved Customer Experience.

I preach it all the time. Social media is meant to be social. I mean, it’s right in the name! So if you’re constantly sell-sell-sell it’s not going to work for you. However, if you’re able to connect with your customers and have a great conversation (where others will see!) it’s a solid opportunity to show others your integrity and character. The same is true for negative feedback. Show potential customers how they will be treated if something doesn’t go well. People want to be treated with respect, they want to be valued, and they want to work with humans. See point #4.

10. Better Customer Insights. 

One of the first questions I ask potential clients is… Who is your target audience? And many start telling me demographics like age, marital status, geographical location, etc. But social media allows for the opportunity for social listening – a way to gain information about what your customers are interested in and how they behave. This is incredibly valuable for when you are looking to advertise or market your business on other mediums and when you are creating content. And if your answer to who your target market is, is “anyone with money” – sorry, but you’re wrong. You want people with money who will spend it with YOU and the best way to find those people is to understand them; what they like, what they support, who they watch for entertainment, if they have children, what problems they face in life (so you can solve them!), etc.

Share this with your boss or your supervisor who is saying, “NO!” to social media marketing… and if it still doesn’t sway them, I provide 60 minutes of free consultations to anyone willing to listen about why their business should be on social media.