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Social Jargn began with the idea to solve the common obstacles many businesses and healthcare providers face. These challenges tend to fall within one or more of the following: lack of time, lack of knowledge, or lack of desire to manage their own social media accounts. We take a results driven approach to your social media by implementing more than a like + share + post routine. A subset of skills comes into play when creating quality content (photography, graphic design, videography, copywriting), but we like to take it a step further. By incorporating a sales strategy, analytics, and measurement, Social Jargn remains results-focused and client-forward when it comes to marketing.

Our knowledge ranges from the techy to the timeless and we take into consideration any other marketing pieces being used to promote your organization when developing a social media content plan. We focus on the user experience and the full picture of how social media plugs into the rest of your marketing efforts and where it falls in your sales funnel or recruitment cycle. Using this methodology ensures a cohesive message between your traditional advertising (in-person, television, radio, print) and your digital marketing (email, social media, SEO, websites, ads) to avoid fragmentation, creating a clear, powerful message that portrays your brand, mission, and philosophy while increasing awareness and revenue.

While most clients begin with a social media only relationship, Social Jargn is capable of transitioning from simply maintaining your social media presence to rounding out your marketing department. By implementing a full-range of marketing methods, your organization is able to provide a seamless experience generating higher rated reviews and a powerful online presence. We assist clients with other digital marketing avenues outside of social media, work with existing marketing teams, and help organizations develop your own internal marketing department.

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Despite well-intended relief plans for small businesses, The Washington Post shared more than 100,000 small businesses closed forever as the COVID pandemic continues to keep America split (open? don't open? judge people for it?). Yikes. We've all seen the posts......

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 and ,"Back in the day" the big goal was to get as many Facebook Page Likes and Twitter Followers you could. That was the key metric businesses and organizations using social media were after. When Pages first launched on Facebook, you needed 25 Likes to unlock...

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Social media is an inexpensive way for small businesses to market and advertise themselves. "There Ash goes again... preaching about the importance of social media..." You bet your butt, I am! Because I not only believe in what social media can do for a business -...

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One of the biggest stigmas I fight against as a social media manager is that: anyone can do it. And... as cringy as it is, it's kind of true. The phrase makes me think of the theme from the Disney/Pixar movie Ratatouille, which is: "Anyone Can Cook." Yes, anyone CAN -...

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Can you believe there are still some people out there who think social media is "just a fad"? What?... In 2020, I didn't think such a person existed. And yet, I was talking to someone last week about how she really wanted to take The Social Jargn Challenge but her...

The Social Life

I tell people social media is a lifestyle - and most take it as a joke. Which isn't entirely inaccurate. I made the off-handed comment with a friend of mine while we were chatting one day and she was asking me how I do what I do, but then I started thinking more about...

What Is A Social Media Professional?

We are writers. As well as: photographers, videographers, trend setters, analysts, problem solvers, creative thinkers, connectors… Social media is a green industry and an even greener profession. For some, it may seem frivolous; something a high school student or...

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