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Clubhouse App Moderation Services

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Read the “What is Clubhouse?” blog post for more general info about the platform!

What is Clubhouse Moderation?

By default, anyone who starts a Room on the Clubhouse app is considered a Moderator. These people have ultimate control over the Room, who can speak, and also who else can be deemed as a Moderator. They drive the conversation and are generally the “keynote speaker” of the Room. 

Why do you need a Clubhouse Moderator?

As Clubhouse Rooms gain more attendees and have more speakers, a dedicated Clubhouse Moderator can add a level of professionalism versus a self-managed Room. It allows the speakers to focus on their topic or answering to questions, while a Dedicated Moderator can welcome new people, manage the audience, re-energize a room, pre-qualify speakers, etc.

How can Social Jargn help me?

As your Clubhouse Moderator, Social Jargn is capable of offering three different levels of support to assist in proviving a more polished experience for your virtual Clubhouse event attendees.

Room Moderation

As a Moderator – the room is yours! But if you’re a professional speaker, author, coach, etc. you’re probably more interested in being able to share and talk about the Room topic than monitoring the audience. You’re most likely looking for someone to be your emcee! Due to the nature of the app, you would be working directly with Ashley!

  • Bring the ENERGY into your event!
  • Topic-First Conversation Control
  • Room Resets
  • Stage/Speaker Filtering
  • Audience Monitoring
  • Time Keeping

Room Co-Moderation

Are you a current Clubhouse Moderator looking to collaborate? Or maybe in search of a guest speaker to talk to your audience? Ashley is so down for that! Because the app is all about authenticity, you will be working directly with Ashley! Here are some topics she knows she could be a great contributor for:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Sales Funnels
  • Co-parenting + non-custodial parenting
  • Bootstrapping Your Business

Moderator Support

Need behind-the-scenes help because you’re so busy on Clubhouse and responding to DMs? Social Jargn is here to help pick up the administrative tasks you no longer have time for.

  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Technical Assistance
  • Automation Set-up
  • Social Media Marketing Promotion

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For information on Moderation services, pricing information, or a personalized proposal, schedule a free consultation!