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Search enginge optimization, local search, online listings, online directories... what are they and what do they call mean?

What kind of Consulting do I need?

Virtual consulting sessions are easy and convenient, no matter where you are! Appointments are made to fit your schedule and the information covered is custom tailered to you. Need help understanding how to create a Facebook Ad campaign? Done. Want to know how to use LinkedIn more effectively? Easy. Interested in how Instagram can add to your marketing strategy? Let’s do it.

When virtual doesn’t work, ask about in-person consulting and training opportunities. 

Why would you need Consulting?

Consultants bring expertise and experience to the table – along with the ability to help mentor and train! When you hire Social Jargn as your Marketing Consultant, you gain access to social media best practices, industry insight, and a fresh set of eyes.

How can Social Jargn help me?

We start with an all-inclusive meeting to figure out what you’ve done, where you’d like to be, and how to get there. When we’re done, you’ll have a marketing guide in place to get you organized for the goals you’ve outlined and a great starting place as to how to track your progress and achieve each step! From there, we work together based on your needs. For some, this means regular meetings to check in and ensure that the items on your To-Do list have been crossed off. For others, it can mean hands on training or troubleshooting for digital or traditional marketing efforts. The choice is yours! 

Virtual Meetings

Virtual conversation allows for the flexibility to meet anywhere and at any time, regardless of a person’s physical location. When compared to traditional in-person methods, virtual meetings are often easier and quicker to schedule. Because there is less of a need to coordinate planning, that an in-person session would require, virtual meetings tend to be more schedule-friendly when a significant chunk of time cannot be dedicated to marketing planning or training.

In-Person Meetings

While virtual meetings offer immense convenience, sometimes you just want someone on-site; especially if you have a larger team and have the ability to dedicate a block of time to focus solely on marketing, digital advertising, and social media strategy.


    of teams use video calling tools daily or weekly


    of professionals work remotely


    of businesses say video conferencing increased productivity

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    For information on Consulting services, pricing information, or a personalized proposal, schedule a free consultation!