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Facebook is often the first thing that comes to mind when people hear, “social media” – and I would know, as I’ve built my business on managing Facebook Pages for my clients. While Facebook is the #1 social media network in the world (with 2.7 billion monthly active users on the platform), that doesn’t mean it’s the best place for your business.

One of the biggest strategy pieces I implement for my clients is the power of the targeted audience (more commonly known as “Pat” to The Challenge participants). Your target audience is key to knowing what is working, what isn’t, and… where your online presence should be so you reach your customers!

If your target audience is on LinkedIn, you should be on LinkedIn – not TikTok. If your ideal customer spends their time on Pinterest, you shouldn’t put energy into Twitter. And if your paying clients are lounging around on Instagram, why are you investing into YouTube? You get the idea.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is word-of-mouth referrals on the internet, providing a two-way communication tool for your healthcare practice or business to communicate with current customers and potential patients.

Social Media serves as a strategic placement for sharing details about services, showcasing culture, and providing informative information to your audience – establishing you as the expert in your chosen industry or specialty.

When used with intent and laser focus messaging, you position the value of your services while providing the answer to the common questions, “Who can help me?” and “Why should I choose you?”

Finally, when implemented correctly, social media marketing makes it easier for patients and clients to do business with you. It makes it easy for people to pay for your services.

Social Media Marketing should also include a mix of fun, relevant information to assist in getting in front of new people. An example? A Facebook post shared in March 2020 gained a client over 8 million users reached, 839,016 engagements, 69,712 shares, and 928 comments. WOAH! Now those are exposure results.

Social Media Marketing is NOT something to ignore.

With over half the world’s population on multiple social media networks, not having an active presence leaves more questions than answers and leads your people to your competition.

On the surface, social media is your online “we’re open!” sign. An accurate and updated social media presence alleviates the question, “Are they accepting new patients?”

Several years ago, a friend recommended a business for obedience training for my new puppy. When searching for their social media presence, the last post was over 13 months old! To make matters even more jarring, their website content was over 2 years old! I was left wondering if they had gone out of business, had any new classes coming up, if the other information on their website was accurate, and I eventually didn’t do business with them because it was too much work to give them my money.

On a deeper level, well-executed social media marketing provides credibility, authority, and legitimacy giving viewers the confidence to know they can trust you.

Social Media Marketing should be viewed as the first impression many patients have of your practice AND make it easy for social media users to choose who they want to see for their health concerns.

The process in how people choose who do to business with or which healthcare provider to see is changing! While word-of-mouth and referrals are invaluable and powerful, we can evaluate and study the process in how people are using social media in their daily activities and apply it to a growing medical practice or start-up.

For example, Sally may tell John to visit XYZ Medical Practice and ask for Dr. Danger. John is likely to perform an internet search for the practice name or the provider and see what else is being said before making an appointment – afterall, 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. In addition, Sally may choose to send him a link to the clinic’s Facebook page for an easy way to convince John that Dr. Danger is really the best doctor to see.

Social Media Strategy with Social Jargn

For information on social media services, pricing information, or a personalized proposal, schedule a free consultation with Ashley!

Social Jargn is the expert for creating and developing a strong social media presence resulting in a formidable online community and patient growth. With experience on the major social media platforms, we can help you establish your online authority on multiple platforms including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Why isn’t TikTok included? Check out my blog post for the cautionary tale I have for those looking to add TikTok to their social media marketing arsenal.

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